Event branding for the 8x8 Global and Sales Kickoff FY25, hosted at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida. Our design project focused on creating a cohesive and dynamic branding experience for the 8x8 Global and Sales Kickoff FY25, held at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida. This event was a week-long celebration featuring presentations, keynotes, breakout sessions, and team-building activities. Themed "Connect & Conquer," the event embodied the spirit of collaboration and achievement, both within the company and throughout our customer network and partner ecosystem.
For this event, we developed a comprehensive suite of branding assets:
Distinct logos. Separate logos for GKO and SKO, ensuring each event had its own unique identity while maintaining a cohesive overall look.
Animated assets. Engaging animations for presentations and videos to captivate and inform the audience.
Signage. Eye-catching signage throughout the event space to guide and inspire attendees.
Branded swag. Custom-branded merchandise for all attendees, creating lasting memories and promoting team spirit.
Our goal was to create an immersive and memorable experience that not only highlighted the event's theme but also reinforced the values and vision of 8x8.
Design and creative direction: Scott Whipple
Animations: Scott Vanarsdale, Scott Whipple
Photography: Derek Dockendorf

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